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Life After Maria How Travelers Can Help Puerto Rico Recover

Jun 4 2018 How can I help? has replaced Why isn't Puerto Rico a state? as the number one question asked by visitors according to locals And while


Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery Fund CONPRMETIDOS

This initiative and fund formally known as The María Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund has been organized in partnership with the Foundation for Puerto


Puerto Rico World The Guardian

More than six months after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from the devastation As a new hurricane season looms locals are


Puerto Rico - The New York Times

The resurgence of a traditional Afro-Puerto Rican musical genre owes something to formal experimentation But some traditionalists fear that its roots are at risk


Puerto Rico Time

The mayor of San Juan whose urgent demands for U S aid after Hurricane Maria shot her to political stardom on what's ahead for Puerto Rico What was 2017

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